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Hi! I’m Adrián Cortés, asound designer and music composer from Sagunto, Valencia. I’ve created this webpage to show you my work! I’m passionate about adaptive audio and its immersive possibilities, as well as narratives. I consider myself a highly energetic, communicative, and self-driven person who loves working in collaborative team environments.

My background is rooted in classical music. After completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in cello, along with a Master’s in Film Scoring and a Professional degree in piano, I have consistently focused on learning and understanding game audio, as well as improving my sound design skills. I pursued an Associate Degree’s in Sound for Audiovisuals, became proficient using a middleware, and embarked on a freelancing journey in the video game industry, where I’ve been working for the last years.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with you, learn from you and contribute my best efforts to create high-quality assets alongside the audio team, enhancing the player’s experience as much as possible.