I am Adrián Cortés, a freelance music composer and sound designer from Spain. My music and sound design focus on enhancing the emotion of the project, giving support to the storytelling, and designing unique soundscapes adapted to the needs of each project.

I’m a very energetic, communicative, and supportive person who loves teamwork. Thanks to my studies on music and sound for audiovisual media and my love for video games, I have learned to understand the gameplay and visuals and how music and audio can contribute to reaching the best possible quality in every project.

I think audio is key to make any video game a better, more inmersive experience to players, connecting with them and creating an unforgettable experience. That’s why I consider adaptive audio a very important tool. I know how to use the usual middlewares (FMOD, Wwise) and am willing to learn any other if you prefer!

Check out my latest projects here or get in touch with me here!

Adrián playing cello

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